An Evening with TARP Artists-in-Residence Santiago Borja & Elisabeth Heindl

Santiago Borja & Elisabeth Heindl
Artist-in-Residence Talks
Saturday, April 5th 2014
7:00 PM Dessert, 7:30 PM Lectures
Pavilion Theater at Taliesin West

Visiting Artist Lectures

Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ 002

L to R: Ted Decker (Director/Curator, phICA); Jason Silverman (Residence Life Manager, Taliesin West); Saskia Jorda (visual artist, TARP director, Taliesin West); Elisabeth Heindl (TARP Artist, Germany); and Santiago Borja (TARP Artist, Mexico)

Photo credit: Sulu Silva

Santiago Borja
Photo credit: Sulu Silva
Elisabeth Heindl
Photo credit: Sulu Silva
Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA)

and Taliesin Artist Residency Program (TARP) 

present an evening with TARP Artists-in-Residence 

Elisabeth Heindl and Santiago Borja 

Saturday April 5th, 2014 
7pm Dessert followed by 7:30 Artists’ Lectures 

Pavilion Theater 

Taliesin West – The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
The entrance to Taliesin West is located at the intersection of Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. and Cactus Rd. in Scottsdale, Arizona.