Takashi Hara

Takashi Hara
Takashi Hara
October 16, 2015 – November 15, 2015


Fumihiro Kikuchi

Dance performance of original work for phICA Onloaded 3 and Emerging Curator Initiative opening night.

I started making the idea based on the concept of the event: “The overarching idea of the containers is to place art in pop-up, non-traditional spaces for art in order to engage and build new audiences for contemporary art” (phICA scope document about Onloaded exhibitions). I will do a solo scored improvisational performance. The concept evolved by the transformation of the site and challenge through people’s hands and the flow of the history on Roosevelt. Homes were located where the repurposed shipping containers have been placed they were moved to another place or destroyed. This place is now an open space and the containers were located there for the purpose of cultivating contemporary art. I will represent my contemporary dance art work. My focus is to cultivate movement vocabulary. For this event, I will create nonverbal communication through my sensations, lines, shapes, colors, and temperatures in the space. Geometric physical investigation is a part of creativity. I am planning to use water as a prop.
-Fumihiro Kikuchi

Fumihiro Kikuchi was born and raised in Japan. In 2012, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts (Dance) from Fresno State University, Fresno, California and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance from Arizona State University in 2015. He actively works as a performer, educator, choreographer, and an artistic director.

Exhibition works for Onloaded: Takashi Hara/ARTAK9. Photo credit: Ted G. Decker

Images Taken During the Exhibition