Declaring Independence

Organized by Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA)
Curated by Ted G. Decker
Eric Fischl Gallery at Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona USA
October 3-27, 2011

Declaring Independence, the second exhibition project presented by Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA), pinpoints the widespread phenomenon that many exceptional artists in our community and beyond do not have commercial art gallery representation. This has been inherent in the art market since the first commercial galleries were established in the late 19th Century - a function of the market forces of supply (so many artists), fewer galleries than artists and fewer galleries due to current economic times.

This exhibition spotlights the artistic production of 23 artists, mostly from Phoenix, but also from cities where this phenomenon is present in varying degrees, including Boston, Miami, New York, and Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil. The artworks include paintings, drawings, ceramics, photography,


Shemer Art Center
Ted Decker Catalyst Fund
Phoenix College
Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art
Declaring Independence Artwork